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Tech - What websites do the team like

We polled the team to find out what websites they liked to check daily to keep up with what's happening. It is hardly a comprehensive list of good sites but a few common sites showed up on people's bookmark lists.

(we've got a bullet point task to keep this bookmark updated occasionally)

What's happening in Tech

slashdot.org - What techies are talking about.

Reddit - Reddit has subreddits for everything with lots of active tech related groups.

Techdirt - Mostly looking at legal issues involved in tech.

The Daily WTF Curious Perversions in Information Technology - A daily example of what not to do.

iMore - Keep up with Apple news.

Where things might be going

TechCrunch - A good broad tech industry news site that has focus on startups.

Engadget Technology News, Advice and Features - Lots of science and upcoming products. Keep an eye on where things are going.

Ars Technica - Another good source of science and tech news.

Broad news and events

Reddit - Reddit also fits down here in broad news and events.

io9 - We come from the future - SciFi news. Not really work related, but everyone seems to like keeping an eye on scifi.

Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now - Still good for a daily check.

Fark - Another good site to keep an eye on the bigger world.

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